How therightroom works

Step by step guide on how therightroom works. You can find more information on Help and Advice page

Have a property?

Step 1: Signup
If you are yet to register on the website. Signup and we will setup your account for you to get started. After go to your account to enter you personal details like phone number if you want potential tenants to contact you. 

Step 2: Place room or property

Place your room by going to place advert and enter your room details and include as much description as possible to receive a much higher interest. After submitting although you can edit your advert become live on the website immediately and you can also share on your social network. 

 Step 3: Constantly check your inbox 

Frequently check your inbox to see messages of potential tenants that are interested in your property. To respond login to your account and you can also view their profile as well. 

STEP 4: Find your best match

Arrange viewings with potential tenants where you get to meet them in person. for more advice check on our advice page for more information.