therightroom vision

therightroom is developed to bring and connect “flatsharer” together. People are using therightroom to post rooms, property and find the right room they can call a home.


therightroom is an online listing website for rooms and properties rather than a letting agency. We provide the platform for landlords to list their properties and connect with potential tenants easily and securely at no extra cost. It is absolutely free. Our aim is to offer a contemporary platform where potential tenants and landlords can easily connect.


Why is it FREE?

therightroom is not an estate agent or letting agency, but a platform where landlord can advertise their property for let. therightroom realised subscription fee and premium of different listing platform, restrict people from finding the right room they desire. That is why therightroom is a subscription free platform, so that potential tenants can find the right room they can call a home with no restriction.


Optional service

While the platform is free, we are launching an optional service for Landlords to allow them feature their advert on our website. Our featured adverts will allow landlords to increase their visibility of their property on our website. Their advert will behave like any other adverts on our platform but will be marked featured and will always be displayed before “normal” ads and may also have different background to make them stand out.